The CCF NSW Women in Civil Mentoring Program forms part of the Civil Contractors Federation NSW’s Women in Civil Program, which was launched in June 2016 to provide an environment of support for women to encourage them to join and remain in the NSW civil construction and maintenance industry.

The Women in Civil Program was designed with two goals in mind;

  • To boost the number of women involved in the civil contracting industry
  • To provide an environment of support for women and encourage them to join and remain in the NSW civil construction and maintenance industry

CCF NSW commissioned research by BIS Oxford Economics in 2018 estimated that total civil infrastructure spending in NSW will increase to $179 billion over a 10-year forecast. At a time when the NSW Government is spending record amounts on infrastructure, the civil construction and maintenance industry is facing critical labour shortages, and we need to grow our workforce to ensure projects are going to be delivered.

Females are grossly underrepresented in the high-demand labour areas we have in our industry. A Workplace Gender Equality Agency[1] survey found that in 2015 only 12.98 percent of the Heavy and Civil Construction sector’s workforce was made up of females, compared to an average of 49 percent for all industries surveyed. The Civil Construction Industry has just 4.2% women in civil-related roles (excluding administrative/clerical) (CCF survey, 2017). This presents a significant opportunity for the civil contracting industry if we can attract and retain women into the skill areas we need.

The civil construction and maintenance industry must ensure that it has a safe and welcoming place for females to land. 

[1]Gender Reporting Information required for reporting to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency under the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012


Get to know us!

Read the profiles provided by some of our committee members, and participants!

                  Gladys Woods - General Manager, Haslin Constructions                                                                              Kim Liddell - Managing director, Non Destructive Excavations Australia


Read Gladys' Q & A                                                                                                                                                                                             Read Kim's Q & A

The Mentoring Program 

The CCF NSW Women in Civil Mentoring Program is designed for women in the civil infrastructure industry who seek support and guidance. They will be paired with highly experienced men and women who are willing to commit time and energy to help them with their professional development. Below is some key points of the program:

  • Participants must be employed by a CCF NSW Contract Member.
  • It is a NSW-wide Program, and has been designed to encourage regional participation.
  • Mentors and mentees will be expected to be in contact at least monthly during the program, whether it is done virtually or face to face depending on location and personal preference.
  • CCF NSW will match mentees to mentors according to mentees’ application details and preferences
  • Mentors will be assigned to the mentee for the duration of the Program. However, if your mentor/mentee relationship is not working, CCF NSW will endeavour to assign new partners – subject to availability.
  • Mentors and mentees are required to participate in two 2-3 hour events - Program kick-off and Program close – both of which will be delivered face-to-face, and will include training and networking opportunities.  
  • CCF NSW will support both mentors and mentees by providing training, helpful templates, tips and information about mentoring and access to other relevant materials.
  • CCF NSW will host opportunities to meet, support, and learn from each other across the Program (mentors and mentees).
  • Participation in the Program will be free of charge to mentees and mentors.
  • The program will be managed by CCF NSW, supported by the CCF NSW Women in Civil Sub-Committee.

See some comments below from past mentees and mentors;

Round 1/Pilot - 2017/2018

Comments from the Round 2 Participants;

"Nice opportunity to meet other like-minded women, to share experiences and connect over the virtual communities." - Anonymous

The program prompted me to have a good think about my career and my mentor provided an option to discuss it with someone external to my company.'' - Anonymous

I have really valued the program and believe my confidence has grown. I look forward to an exciting future and keeping in touch with my mentor.'' - Anonymous

Round 3 - 2020

Comments from the Round 1 Participants;

"Always better to chat to someone in person and interact with them one on one. Also opens the door to conversation with other members of the industry." - Anonymous

The support meetings held fortnightly keep mentors and mentees engaged. We also share
ideas.'' - Anonymous

A chance to interact with people you would not normally meet or work with.'' - Anonymous

Round 2 - 2018/2019

Comments from the Round 3 Participants;

"The structure of the beginning of the program this year is very informative and direct. It is very professional and inspiring." - Anonymous

Enjoyed speakers at the induction, they all touched on relevant points to our experiences, and enabled me to feel more connected to the program.'' - Anonymous

Learning to public speak is a great asset in any one career progression, I'm very glad this was included in the virtual communities.'' - Anonymous

Are You Interested?

 We have recently opened the Expressions of Interest for Round 4 of the program! We are very excited to continue this amazing program and extend this opportunity to all women in civil.