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Our Members

Only employers, sole traders or partnerships can join CCF NSW. However, our Constitution  provides for there to be two categories of membership:

  • Contractor Members, who “do” civil infrastructure work in NSW
  • Associate Members, who service and supply Contractors in their endeavours.

Our Contractor Members are businesses of all sizes involved in a variety of civil infrastructure projects and activities including the construction and maintenance of:

  • roads
  • railways
  • mines
  • water infrastructure
  • utility infrastructure
  • airports
  • commercial and housing land development
  • harbours and ports
  • and much more

Our Associate Membership is made up of an incredibly diverse range of business sectors but with a common desire to service and supply our Contractor Members. They form an integral and critical part of our membership value because, as part of the CCF NSW ‘family’ of Members, they become known and trusted by our Contractor Members.


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Our Members