Our Scope

The Civil Contractors Federation is the only organisation in Australia charged with representing all, and only, employers in the civil construction and maintenance industry.

This immense responsibility emanates from our appointment as a Registered Organisation under the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009.  As prescribed, CCF is a not-for-profit organisation administered under a Constitution  approved by Fair Work Australia, and we have the most stringent governance obligations imposed on us, and administered by, the Federal government of Australia.

CCF has branches in every State and mainland Territory in Australia, each controlled by a Member elected Board and with their own local management team. A National Board  comprised of one representative from each State and Territory Branch governs the National organisation and sets the national policy agenda. Issues relating to NSW are managed solely by the CCF NSW.

Importantly, CCF does not represent any other construction industry sector. We are thus not torn by any internal conflict with another construction sector that might see us sway from our support of civil contractors. We focus solely on ensuring employers in the civil contracting industry are well supported and represented.

And thus rests the essence of our reason for being…to protect our Members, to assist them grow their businesses, and to give them a voice.

Video - What is CCF NSW?

CCF NSW Protecting Growing giving a Voice