Good risk management is what separates successful from failed businesses – you must partner with organisations that allow you to grow your business, and your business's reputation.

CCF NSW Members, Contractors and Associates alike, are not your typical businesses. CCF NSW Members are typically very safety and regulatory compliance focused, committed to improving themselves and the industry, and very customer focused.

Our Member Code of Conduct and Constitution states these are requirements of ongoing Membership.

Less than 10% of employers in the NSW civil contracting industry are willing to make this commitment.  

CCF NSW MembersWho will you next pick to trust
your business’s future with?

Any business or Government body can now search for a CCF NSW Member. To find a CCF NSW Member in your region, doing the type of work you need, you can use our FREE "Find a Business" service. There are no catches here ...we are doing this as a service to our Members. Use the links below to start your search.

The search functionality has a number of characteristics you can filter by:
  • The region you need the work done in (view a map of the regions)
  • The type of service you are seeking for (different options apply for Contractors and Associates)
  • Whether the employer is a NSW recognised Aboriginal business
  • Contractor has the additional filter of whether they work as a Principal Contractor/Sub-Contractor or both
  • To ensure your needs are matched to the right size of business, the Contractor search permits you to enter the contract $ size you envisage

The system will display the outcome of your search. You can repeat your search as many times as you like.
It’s confidential. None of your search information is transmitted to the business you are searching on.

                           Search for a Contractor

                                Search for an Associate

If you are a CCF NSW Member, either an Associate or Contractor Member, and have not registered your business, then we encourage you to head over to our website and login here to update your details that will be displayed on our website in the ‘Find a Business’ section. The ‘Find a Business’ section of our website can be viewed here.


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