Why Join as a Contractor?

...because we exist only to support you; to help you achieve your business goals.

All we do is support this great civil industry.

We provide services that align with a civil contractor's business needs.

We know how hard it is to run a civil construction business. We understand the pressures and demands on you and your business. We know you want the peace of mind that comes from having someone available who is on your side.

And so, we provide services that align with a civil contractor's business needs.

How do we know this? Because we are owned by you, our Members, and are governed by a board of Member-elected civil contractors.



Fearlessly delivered.

Not for profit... for You.

One thing is certain...without us, you are alone.



Protecting your business

Growing your business

Giving your business a Voice

Contractors join CCF NSW for a variety of reasons. They want help and support, they want to find more work for their business; they want to be part of a network. Sometimes our Members need us for a dispute, sometimes to get information on new changing law, and sometimes to argue against some newly created red tape.

All of these reasons are valid, and all may change over time. It doesn’t matter what the reason is today, or tomorrow. What matters is that when our Members need us – we are there for them…Protecting, Growing…giving a Voice...being part of a community. CCF NSW can help your business with all of them.

For a detailed explanation of the Member Benefits we provide go to Member Benefits


CCF NSW Contractor Members (except Base Service Level) receive an allocation of "Free Support Hours"(FSH) each year of their Membership. These hours may be used to seek assistance and support from our Compliance Support Unit.

You can use these hours on a variety of services:

  • WHS, Environmental
  • Workers compensation advice
  • CCF NSW Audits
  • General (not legal) advice on procurement, contract strategy and tendering
  • Legal Employee performance/ hire/fire issues*
  • Legal Enterprise Agreements*

The number of FSH provided for each year is based on the Category of your Membership:

Level 1 Membership   2 free hours

Level 2 Membership   3 free hours

Level 3 Membership   4 free hours

Level 4 Membership   5 free hours

Level 5 Membership   6 free hours

Level 6 Membership   6 free hours

FSH you earned last year but that aren't used are rolled over to this year. Unused FSH from two years ago do NOT roll over. So, it is in your interests to get us working for you now.

Once you use all your FSH, you can pay for additional non-IR/Employment advice at the 50% discount Member rate. For the IR/HR services we will continue to help you, but priority falls behind those that have not used their hours and those on a Premium Service Level.

*These services are only for Category 2 to 6 'Standard'& 'Premium' Service Levels.


CCF NSW represents CCF, an industrial organisation, in NSW. NSW Members receive as a benefit of automatic dual Membership, and, if you choose, we can provide you free employment law and Industrial Relations advice from our CCF Lawyers. Yes, that's right, if you are a CCF NSW Member you can receive FREE legal advice on IR and employment issues! Here is how...

Category: To receive these services, you normally must have staff. Therefore, we do not provide them for Category 1 Members for they have no staff. However, if you are looking to expand, we can certainly help you with this.

Service Level: We are keen to offer flexibility and choice in our service, and our Base Service Level is discounted by 10%. This means, however, that for Base we cannot provide support on employment and IR, even on Fee for Service basis.


Staying connected and informed is a smart business survival and growth strategy. Membership comes with the Bulletin Magazine, weekly e-news, and attendance at Members only information events and conferences.

By receiving this civil industry-specific information you are not only staying up to date, you are constantly interacting with your peers in the industry – networking is an important way to protect and grow your business.



To maximise the value of your Membership, we recommend you tell the world about it.

We strongly suggest you place your Membership Certificate into your tenders, and that you place the "CCF Member" logo on your website, materials and machines. It sends a strong message.

The logo may be used while you are a financial Member of CCF NSW.

CCF Member Logo


We have six Category Levels of Membership. They are based on the turnover in NSW of the ABN applying for the Membership.

The Fee is annual, and your invoice anniversary will always be the date you complete the online application. 

According to our Constitution, these Fees can rise only by a maximum of CPI each year, unless a General Meeting of the Members of CCF NSW vote it so.

A once-off Induction Fee applies on joining to cover the cost of inducting you into the services you receive as a Member. When you join, we have a bunch of admin that must be done under our Constitution. We also have key roles within our team that will contact you, and our Compliance Support team will organise a site visit to ensure they understand your business needs (this visit is not part of your FSH).

We never discount our Fees. This is because they are great value as they are and, as a not-for-profit organisation ‘owned’ by our Members, we don’t inflate the prices first, so we can then discount them.


We have six Categories of Membership based on the turnover in NSW of the ABN applying for the Membership. 

This turnover is for the whole ABN/business, not just the civil infrastructure components - but only for the work you are doing in NSW. The 'Category Level' your business is, is therefore not optional.

We do not ask for evidence your Level is correct - just that you self-assess the right band. Our Sales Reps and Member-elected Board will use the 'Number of Workers' along with their general knowledge of your business as a guide when assessing the application.

As your turnover changes, you can move Category Levels each year at your renewal time. Change within the year is not possible.

Level 1 is also differentiated by whether you have staff or not - if you have any, you cannot be Level 1.
Level 1 is for micro-businesses and so receive no Industrial Relations support from us.


While the Membership Category you fall into is based on your turnover and so is not changeable, we know businesses want choice in the Service Level they need from us.

You can choose between our Premium, Standard or Base Level of Service. Each Level offers a different service package to suit your needs and budget.

Premium offers more, and at priority delivery, and comes with a 20% price loading to Standard. The Base service provides a 10% fee reduction to Standard, but provides more limited service.

You choose your Service Level at the time you join and can then change each year at your anniversary. We remind you several months in advance to make the pick. You cannot change up or down through the course of the year.

Here is a brief explanation of the different levels of offerings:

  • Premium adds onto Standard by giving you the peace of mind and convenience of optimum, priority service with increased offers, priority order listing in the Member Directory, and priority event listing. FOR: faster service; increased offers; convenience; peace of mind.
  • Standard gives you solid service including free IR/Employment legal, inclusion of Free Support Hours and the Member Directory listing. FOR: solid service provision; IR legal included.
  • Base gives you low cost access to industry information, BUT no IR/Employment legal support, no Free Support Hours, and limited events. FOR: low cost; good information; access to events; BUT restricted service.

To see the detail of what each Service Level offers click here.


The key to establishing your investment level is to first assess your Category Level by asking what your turnover is (i.e. not optional) and then asking yourself...what Service Level do I need?

We step you through this decision process when you undertake the online application form.

Here are the annual fees for each Category and Service Level:

All Prices are ex GST


We understand that joining is a leap of faith.

You are joining an industry body owned and governed by its Members...established to support you, not generate profits.

But, if you are still unsure, have a listen to some that have already made the leap; check out the 4 minute video at the top of this page. And have a look again at some of the comments of your peers; people who have already made the decisions, are reaping the benefits that their competitors are not.

“It’s not straight forward building civil infrastructure. The compliance requirements of government and clients are quite onerous. There is a lot of red tape and there a lot of competition. Something I’ve learnt in my 25 years in the industry is that smart contractors have an edge. When I started at Abergeldie 25 years ago, one of the first things I did was join the CCF. No matter how big or small you are, you always need help or advice at some stage along the journey.”

Mick Boyle
Executive Chairman
Abergeldie; out of Sydney

“We use CCF for all industrial matters. We will use it for information. Anything that is new that comes out we use that as a tool for our business. CCF will be a big part of our business as time goes on.”

Scott Rogers
Coastwide Civil; out of Shellharbour

“I went to a regional meeting once which the speaker potentially saved my business hundreds or thousands of dollars. CCF Membership for us is critical, it’s one of the first things that we tick the box on each financial year. I’m happy to stay a CCF Member for life.”

Duncan McCallum
D & L McCallum; out of Junee

“There’s no question you have to just make that first step and just ask that first question, what can CCF offer in my business, and I can guarantee you that you’ll get 10 things come flying back at you.”

Rex Wilson
Manager / Director
TWS Ted Wilson & Son; out of Blayney

“The support that they give us, it’s just unbelievable. Through tough times you know you’re not on your own. CCF’s there to help you all the way through. “

David Matthews
Project Manager
Divalls Earthmoving Bulk Haulage; out of Goulburn

If you are still unsure, then feel free to contact us and ask to speak with a Membership Specialist in your area. Just call us on (02) 9009 4000(02) 9009 4000 or contact us.

Important Links

Contractor Membership form

Contractor Membership Prospectus


Code of Conduct

For YOU, Not for Profit

We understand that joining is a bit of a leap of faith. You are hoping, and trusting, that we will do what we say, and that the value is there.

We get that concern.

So, don’t just take our word for it.

Listen to some who have already made the leap…

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