At a Glance

CCF NSW is the peak body representing employers in the civil contracting industry. We exist  for the sole reason of supporting and serving our Industry.

For our Contractor Members...this manifests in us protecting them, helping to grow their businesses, and giving them a voice in shaping the industry.

A critical part of our role is to ensure our Members' businesses are protected.  We achieve this by providing service, information, and the connection to a network of trusted supporting Associates…and most is included in the Membership Fee.

Protecting your Business

Great, long lasting businesses are always looking for an edge.

CCF NSW facilitates that through its networking, Member services, business solutions, and advice. The added confidence a customer can have by buying through an organisation which is a Member of the peak industry body is immeasurable.

Growing your businesses

  When change is needed, or red tape strangles efficiency, individual employers are just that…a lone voice.  

CCF NSW is the peak representative body in NSW for the civil infrastructure industry. We are the only organisation charged with representing all employers in the industry, irrespective of their size.

Being heard

 Our Associate members are an invaluable resource for our Members. Our Contractor Members are aggressively marketed to by all sorts of suppliers and service providers and, quite frankly, they get tired of sorting out the chaff.   

Associate Members offer an easy way for them to filter the huge volume of businesses that are vying for their business.

Benefits for Associate Members

Member Benefits