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CCF NSW Family Rural
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What is the CCF NSW Family Rural Relief Fund?
The CCF NSW Family Rural Relief Fund has been launched in response to the unparalleled drought that has stricken 95 percent of NSW.  The drought, coupled with ongoing bushfires, is tearing apart communities. Unprecedented numbers of people in our State’s rural areas are experiencing extreme hardship.

The CCF NSW Board has established a new fund to support our people in rural areas who are really struggling. CCF NSW will financially assist individuals employed by a financial Member of CCF NSW who are already facing hardship caused by recent natural disasters – drought, bushfire and storms - and can obtain no other support.

The CCF NSW Family Rural Relief Fund will prioritise those experiencing extreme hardship who have not been able to access other assistance. Again, it’s the staff and their families from our Member companies that we have in our sights to help.

Do I qualify for access to the funds?
To qualify for access to this funding, you need to be experiencing hardship caused by natural disasters: drought, bushfires and storms.

What does the funding cover?
Funds of up to $500 will be provided to staff of financial CCF NSW Members experiencing hardship, once approved by the CCF NSW Board, where access to other assistance is not possible.

What is the process associated with my application?
Firstly, all requests for funding will be treated with confidentiality and integrity, however, please be aware of some of the steps our team and Board will take to determine the outcome of your application:

Step 1: Your application will be received by the team at CCF NSW who will collate the submissions ahead of them being presented to the CCF NSW Board for consideration.
Step 2: As this funding is a benefit of being a member with CCF NSW and is being provided by CCF NSW, relief funds can only be provided to member organisation employees, therefore, as part of the application process, a member from the CCF NSW team will make contact with your employer to confirm your employment status with them.
Step 3: Your application is sent to the CCF NSW Board for review
Step 4: CCF NSW Board will make their determination
Step 5: Once a determination has been made against your application, the CCF NSW team will contact you and your employer to advise of the outcome

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